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Launching in Seattle soon.


Our goal is to drive people to live in the present, to enjoy their favorite activities without the hassles of dealing with the planning process. Maven creates a way for passionate, active people to connect face to face with other like-minded individuals. By using our technology, our users can focus on their passions while building relationships and engaging in the world around them.

We also enable enthusiasts to earn money with our marketplace feature. Users can securely pay for activities using Maven and enthusiasts can rely on a payout after the session has taken place.


We review your favorite activities and personalize a feed for you to engage with others near you.



We make it easy to discover activities during a time that works for you.


We tailor activities using your preferred neighborhood, allowing you to meet like-minded individuals in your area.

Maven will be available on iOS and Android in August!

Thank you for your valuable feedback during alpha testing. 

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